ENVISION Drafting & Design Ltd. was established in 1992 and is located in Regina, Saskatchewan. At the onset Envision used manual drafting practices. Over the years the company has evolved into using modern technologies. All projects are now drawn using computers with 2 dimensionally designed plans and 3 dimensionally constructed building models available .

Envision specializes in custom residential drafting & design services. Equipped to handle numerous projects and unique challenges are enjoyed. Envision works, thinks, & designs with customers to develop their ideas into a realistic design. All designs are built with quality, functionality, and longevity in mind. All projects are welcomed, from the smallest renovations to elaborate dream homes.

Custom residential home designs is our primary business however we are equipped to handle small commercial projects. Envision designs and develops a very detailed set of construction drawings suitable for permit, construction and pricing. Time and effort spent on the design of a project will greatly minimize or eliminate construction errors, delays, and additional unplanned construction costs.

Specializing in:
-Custom residential home designs
-Cabins & Cottages
-Designs for home builders
-Photo realistic 3D Renderings
-Reversal/mirroring of floor plans
-Custom drafting
-Plotting & printing of large scaled drawing sets
-Subdivision Architectural Control review
-Brochure Drawings (for builders and advertising)

Envision is a ‘small’ business which means that our quality of work is very consistent. We currently operate with a team of 3 trained members and each project is reviewed by multiple staff members to minimize any errors or oversights. We pride ourselves in giving each project the highest possible attention to detail. Envision does not just concept design, but they build each project in sophisticated modeling software before you begin construction. The customer will know exactly what they are building when the plans leave the office.

-Friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff
-Timely correspondence via email & phone
-PDF’s or faxed updated plans throughout the design process
-2D architecturally designed plans
-3D architecturally designed plans with external and internal perspective views
-Rendering of 3D plans (upon request)
-Fast in-house printing of plan sets (including additional sets)
-Custom alterations to plans
-Reversal/mirroring of plans
-Site plan

ENVISION Drafting & Design Ltd is located at 3544 Canterbury Place, Regina, Saskatchewan