*discounts for builders & repeat/multiple projects available up to 15%

Custom Residential Designs:
Preliminary Plans:

Preliminary designs are priced on a square footage price. Depending on what your project is (ex. bungalow, 2 storey) we have a square footage price that we charge.

What is Included:

Step 1:
-Meeting & Consultation time
-Preliminary site layout
-Development of 1-2 alternate floor plan layouts with options

(if requested - for an additional charge):
Step 2:
-More layout design options -sometimes it takes more layout designs to find the perfect one, or sometimes clients have a change of mind during the preliminary designing as they think about different ideas regarding their project and needs
-Preliminary exterior elevations
-Budget pricing plans -(preliminary floor plan with additional notating, elevation(s), basement outline with point load locations-beam and roof used to gather quotes to confirm project will be in the clients budget range, to help client decide on builder/contractor(s), and can provide to financial institution to assist with set up of financing

Construction Drawings

A set of construction drawings is what will be needed for you to build your project. These plans will have all the information for your: contractor/builder, surveyor, town or city permit office, any sub-trades you will need to hire, financial institution, roof & floor suppliers, engineer, etc. Often you will be asked to pay a deposit to proceed from preliminary drawings to construction drawings.

Step 3:
Construction Drawings priced per square foot.
(all drawings typically done in imperial dimension, but metric drawings available upon request)
-Detailed exterior elevation views (1/4″ & 3/16″ scale) -exterior finishes, window sizes
-Floor plans (1/4″ scale) – full dimensioning, electrical layout, mechanical/ventilation locations, detailed notations, any required interior item detailing
-Foundation & framing plan (1/4″ scale) – foundation wall material, placement and dimensioning, floor truss placement layout, beam placement and support location, hidden beam detailing, any project specific details required,
-Sections (1/4″ scale) – cross sections, longitudinal sections,
-Basement layout plan (1/4″ scale) -future or development plan, heating & mechanical location placement layout

-Garages (attached, angled, with floor over, etc)
-Decks/balconies (open or covered)
-Covered entry (-raised or angled)
-Bonus rooms/ lofts over garages
-Swimming pools
-Vaulted ceilings
-Sunken floor areas
-Specialty windows
-ICF & PWF basements
-Open floor areas
-Curved stairs
-Second stairs
-Other architectural detailing
-Site plans

It is very difficult to classify all projects into a certain price per square foot. Some jobs vary considerably in their designing and complexity to built. We are custom designers who would never want to limit a client into constraints of our pricing, so we have extra charges that may or may not apply to your project. The more complex the project, the more design time and detail drawing required, the more it will cost. These are items that require more time for us than an average house would. Most of these items are not substantial extra charges, but are extras from a “base model” project.

Additions & Renovations:
There is a flat rate minimum charge for these projects. Additions & renovations are typically less in size than a custom house however, they still require almost all of the same details (ex. elevations, floor plans, foundations & framing, building sections, etc). Often a portion or the entire existing structure has to be included in the design, which add significant design time and information gathering time. Preliminary designs for these projects and any site visits required are charged at an hourly rate.

Please contact us with details about your project so that we can give you an accurate price. Commercial projects have a very large range of complexity and detailing.

Please contact us with as much information about your project as you can. We will provide you with an estimate of what our design charges will be.