The design process can take on many different forms and varies depending on each specific project. The following is a basic outline that can guide you to your final project.

Step 1: Project & Budget
Budget: It is always a good idea to meet with your financial institution to see what your budget is going to be for any type of project. This sets the boundaries for what choices and options you will select in your project.

Some items to remember when budgeting: land & services (gas, water, electrical, etc), project designs (approximately 1% of construction costs with a designer, 7%-15% of construction costs with an Architect), engineering, construction costs, construction overages, decoration/furnishings, and exterior landscaping.

Project: It is always a good idea to look at many different items and choices you have in products today. You will want to familiarize yourself with what is out there. You may do this however you like. What you want to do is get a feel for what you like, what you don’t like, and what you must have in your project. Take note of things that stand out to you, good or bad.

Step 2: Set up a meeting @ Envision Drafting & Design Ltd.
At your initial meeting you can expect to get a better feel of what your project will begin to look like. Provide as much information as you can about what you want, your expectations, and how you envision your final result to appear and feel. We will discuss with you your ideas and provide helpful feedback and suggestions to aid you in your thoughts. After our first meeting together we will be able to give you a better budget figure as to estimated designs costs/timeline and we will follow up with preliminary floor plans – often showing you various options and arrangements for your review. This process can go very fast or it can take some time as there can be a lot of back and forth correspondence between us and you. Your response time and the project itself will determine how quickly we can get through this important step. Once you have a preliminary set of plans that you are satisfied with and excited about we will bill you for the preliminary design work. Often you will be able to get some preliminary prices from contractors at this point which will give you an idea if you are on your projected budget.

Step 3: Completion of construction drawings
When you are ready to proceed to have a full construction set of plans finished you will be charged a deposit, which is applied to the final payment at the end of the project. We will usually begin with drawing up some exterior elevations (if these have not been done in the preliminary stage). We will send ideas and options back to you for your feedback. As we wait to hear back on items our team can continue on other aspects of finishing off the drawings. There is often some back and forth between us and you while we nail down all the details. Your response time will determine how long this step takes.

When the project is close to completion a set of plans will be issued to you for review; to confirm that everything is how you wanted. Small alterations can be made at this point quite easily. However, major revisions may lead to much redrawing at this stage. We can easily adapt if you have a change in mind and want to go another direction with the project or items of the project. Doing major changes at this stage will move the project over the estimated price and will delay the completion of the project. However, it is worth the small price incurrence to have the plans exactly how you want. It is much easier and cheaper for you to change your mind at anytime during the design process then it would be to change your mind during construction. Remember this is your investment, and your dream.

We will contact you when the plans are ready, and you can let us know how many print sets you will require.

Step 4: Contractor/Builder
After you receive a completed set of plans you will take them to your builder or contractor and proceed to have your project arranged by them to be finished. If at anytime you require additional sets of plans, just give us a call and we can print off additional sets.